It was four years ago I stepped into a plane for the very first time and it was for exactly the same reason as this was – to jump out at 15,000ft to raise money for Young Lives vs Cancer. Not very many people can say that they jumped out of the first plane journey they’ve ever been on!  Skip 3 years from this date (and many plane journeys without the need to jump out) and I find myself stood on the forks of telehandler, stretched out at full boom of 7m, parked on top of a bridge approximately 7m high above the water of a lake … looking down and thinking how perhaps this might not be the brightest idea to jump however there’s too many people now watching to back down from so here goes nothing … (cue my Johnny Knoxville introduction to the crowd). Big splash followed by several days of limited movements due to the severe bruising and cracked ribs because of that stunt and I now have a pretty decent fear of heights which never before existed, alongside a new sense of self-preservation!

When the opportunity to do another skydive presented itself, I was surprised by the amount of hesitation I had towards it! One cannot explain the sensation one feels when kneeling at the very edge of the open door, wind noise and freezing cold air blowing into your face, strapped to the expert behind you, feeling almost weightless and tilting your head back and to the side to avoid concussing the chap who’ll be responsible for deploying the parachute! Slowly leaning out of the open doorway for what feels like a minute before the push off and the sinking, stomach turning sensation of freefalling out of control before you’re stabilised and able to take in the sensation of falling at 120mph for a full 60 seconds (imagine sticking your head above the windscreen of a convertible at this speed) … before the parachute is deployed, and calmness takes over. Now enjoy the descent and the eye watering, ear popping for the next couple of hours!

Raising almost £500 for the charity – it’s an amazing experience and one which I will do again and again although each time the hesitation and heart rate seem to increase!

Young Lives vs Cancer is a charity which I have been fortunate enough to support and witness the vital work they do firsthand. From Easter egg collections to spending a freezing cold day in a bath full of baked beans outside of Morrisons, to skydives and personal contributions – I have enjoyed every moment and look forward to participating in the next challenge!