A marketing strategy is your company’s plan detailing how you will reach out to members of your target market and convince them to become your customers. The secret to Adopstar’s success lies in multi-channel marketing strategies that are custom-designed to be seen, heard and experienced.

The first step in any marketing strategy is to identify your target market, and once that is done, we focus on the most effective ways to reach this market. The secret to our success lies in our marketing research tools, with which we’ll establish whether your audience is watching TV, listening to the radio or consuming online content like social media.

Your goals are our goals and we will research your target market, do an audit of what you need and deliver results that make a solid difference to your bottom line.


Once the marketing strategy has been finalised and the big picture is in place, we turn our attention to the details. A marketing campaign is a single message that helps your brand reach its goals.

Depending on the campaign, the right mode of delivery could be television, radio, large-scale print media, or through-the-line digital media – or a combination of them all. The timing of a good campaign is often as important as the message. Adopstar believes in meticulous timing and well-crafted messages that are guaranteed to be seen, heard and remembered.

During the campaign planning process, Adopstar will determine the marketing communication methods that will best be heard by your target market.  We also outline the costs to make sure that the plan fits within your budget.


What do all marketing campaigns have in common? They need someone talented, imaginative and methodical to run them. Adopstar’s marketing executives do more than take on client briefs: they live and breathe marketing ideas and success strategies. No matter how big or small your marketing campaign is, our team of thinkers and doers will treat it with the attention to detail and care that it deserves.


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