Meet our team

It takes a certain kind of person to be a star at ad operations. We feel privileged to have found so many. We pride ourselves on our enthusiasm for what we do. We also believe it is important to enjoy the other sides of our lives. It’s all part of what makes an ad ops star!

Leadership team

Paul Benson

Founder and Director

Theresa Benson

Managing Director

Chloe Latty

Office Manager

Business development

Alan Dunachie

Director of Sales and Marketing

Cameron Norsworthy

Business Development Manager

Ad ops

Ben Field

Ad Ops Team Leader

Shanice Chown

Assistant Team Leader

Owen Land

Ad Ops Executive

Ben Wigmore

Ad Ops Executive

Alex Robinson

Ad Ops Executive

Olivia Bawden

Ad Ops Executive

Eliot Culling

Ad Ops Executive

Beth Crandon

Ad Ops Executive

Joe Greenhalgh-Hawkins

Ad Ops Executive

Dominic Goosey

Ad Ops Executive

Hallie Downing

Ad Ops Executive

Tech ops

Mark Warren

Tech Ops Team Leader

George Karavasilis

Tech Ops Executive

Kieran Colley

Tech Ops Executive

Kiri Stone

Data Analyst