Adopstar’s team will assist with programmatic integrations

Adopstar is here to help you make the most of publisher programmatic revenue potential. The range of services that we offer includes starting from scratch or working within your existing programmatic stack, optimising rules and helping to develop predictive pricing strategies. We’ll recommend the best ways to expand on your programmatic revenue streams.

The open auction is our playground and our data-focused minds provide creative and strategic approaches to monetisation. We can help with the following:

  • Programmatic integrations (pre bids, waterfalls, supply-side platforms [SSPs] and open bids)
  • Running programmatic campaigns (programmatic guaranteed [PG] campaigns or private marketplace [PMP] deals)
  • Delivering on your programmatic advertising buying needs via demand-side platforms (DSPs)

Adopstar’s revenue optimisation team has years of expertise in optimising programmatic campaigns. Let us show you what we can do.

Let our team put their expertise &
talent to work for your brand with the following services:


The world of Ad Operations is ever developing and can be time consuming to keep up with. Our dedicated team of Ad Operations have been here since the beginning and continue to evolve with the industry. We can advise on ad server best practices, how to implement an ad server infrastructure that best suits your digital ad sales needs or even help guide your sales team on digital sales strategy.


We understand that projects come in all shapes and sizes. We can help manage all of these; from large complex Ad Ops projects, such as first time ad server implementations or entire network migrations, through to simple data entry projects. For us, no job is too big or too small.


Thinking of moving your ad server or changing an element of your tech? It’s natural to be intimidated by the amount of work and disruption that such a transformation can potentially create. Let Adopstar help you plan and execute your migrations seamlessly. We will manage the project from start to finish if required, or just be an extra pair of hands on deck while you navigate the change.


We'd love to say everything runs smoothly all the time, but unfortunately, it's never guaranteed! Our teams know problem solving, whether it's campaign delivery, website performance or ad stack investigations, Adopstar can help you find the problem and provide a solution.


We understand the importance of making the most of monetising your inventory and that sometimes, this means selling what's left following direct sales on the open market, or even your entire inventory via PGs, PMPs and RTB sales. We can help optimise pricing rules, set up SSPs, PGs and PMPs and support you where needed in the vast world of Programmatic.


Our data team will help you to pull, compile and visualise data from any source you need. In conjunction with your existing systems and with the help of our API experts, we can produce dashboards which condense your data and take away the painful elements of number crunching, giving you the tools to review the data, as you need.


Outsourced, but never outshone. While we provide outsourced Ad Ops services, we like to feel as though we are simply an extension of your team. We are all based in Cullompton in sunny Devon, however, have provided Ad Ops support to clients from Australia, to the US, via most of Europe and even Hong Kong.

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