Adopstar’s web design team creates E-Commerce, WordPress and bespoke websites according to the latest best practices. By focusing on both the look and the functionality of the site, we create websites that are effective communication tools.

The real secret to a great website is having content that will stand out and be noticed – both by your target market and by the search engines. Keyword research is a critical step in creating your web content, as it lays the foundation for much of the search engine optimisation (SEO) work that can be done later. Trust the Adopstar experts to create or edit your web content into a tool that can help your business reach its targets.

All our websites are responsive, meaning that they will display perfectly on every device from a mobile phone to an oversized monitor.


In order for your business to make the online impact that it deserves to, your website needs to appear high on search engines’ results page – and this means creating content that ticks certain boxes laid out in each search engine’s ever-changing algorithm. Adopstar will keep your website up to date with all the latest requirements from various search engines to keep your website ranking as highly as possible. Every SEO strategy starts with creating meaningful, topical content that gives the search engines a clear idea of what your website has to offer. In the world of SEO, nothing happens overnight, but with Adopstar’s SEO team on the job, your site will start to steadily climb the results pages.
Our Advanced Monthly SEO Package includes:

  • Keyword research.
  • Updates to website content, including images, as required.
  • Provision of a detailed monthly report focusing on user experience, bounce rate, user demographics and other important facts and figures.
  • Monitoring of the amount of time that users spend on your website.

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