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Goal-getters on and off the field- the Adopstar football team!

When desk-jockeys, surrounded by marketing plans, reports, and analytics are suddenly struck by the idea of forming a 5-a-side football team. And thus, the "Adopstar" team was born! Initially, fearing embarrassing losses, but with the bravado only an office full of great coffee & a well stocked tuckshop can provide, they took the plunge.

They may not be the best on the pitch, but they sure know how to have a good laugh and create unforgettable moments. As they continue to chase that elusive win, they'll forever remain legends in their own right – masters of desk-jockey skills and keepers of the joy of playing the beautiful game!

Amidst the clicking of keyboards and the buzz of office chatter, the "Adopstar" team ventured onto the football field, ready to tackle their work-life balance with a twist. What started as a spontaneous idea soon became a lively tradition that united the team beyond office walls. With every pass, every kick, and every cheer, they discovered a newfound camaraderie that extended beyond their workstations. As the team gears up for each match, there's more than just goals in mind – there's a shared spirit of fun, friendship, and teamwork. And while victory might still be a work in progress, the real triumph lies in their ability to bridge the gap between desks and goals.

We are a UK-based ad operations and marketing specialist for publishers, agencies and brands.

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