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Adopstars Visit from Minister Robert Halfon MP

It is no surprise that we at Adopstar value our apprentices and apprenticeship programme. Because of our commitment to promoting investment in skills and nurturing apprenticeships within the company, our team had a fantastic visit from Minister of Apprenticeship & Skills, Robert Halfon MP. He sparked a wave of inspiration among our apprentices and staff and it was an honour to welcome such a distinguished guest who took a genuine interest in the experiences and perspectives of our apprentices.

Minister Halfon engaged in meaningful conversations with all of our apprentices. ⁤⁤He also sought their opinions and feedback on a range of topics, including a social campaign his team are currently working on. ⁤⁤What stood out to us was his unwavering dedication to personally connect with each apprentice by closely listening to their stories, challenges, and achievements. ⁤

The visit wasn't just a routine meet-and-greet, it was a fantastic opportunity for our apprentices to be heard by someone who holds the power to enact change. As our MD Theresa Benson mentioned, "It was a moment to allow our apprentices to be heard by those who can make changes." Witnessing our apprentices being valued and empowered by someone in a position of authority was truly inspiring and we feel incredibly lucky to have been chosen for a visit.

Minister Halfon's interest extended beyond our current apprentices, as he discussed Adopstar's history and the role of apprenticeships in our journey and growth. His genuine curiosity and commitment to understanding our dynamics left a lasting impression. Adopstar’s apprenticeship programme has brought a wide array of benefits to both the company and our apprentices. The fact that we have a dedicated in-house training officer means that our apprentices learn as much as they possibly can during their apprenticeship.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Minister Halfon for his visit and praise. We also acknowledge the South West Apprentice Ambassador Network, the Department for Education, and Jennifer Coupland, CEO of IFATE, for facilitating this experience.

The visit serves as a reminder of the importance of listening to the voices of apprentices and investing in their development. Empowering apprentices isn't just about providing training, we believe it's about recognising their value, amplifying their voices, and creating pathways for their success.

By training young members of our community, we have provided opportunities while gaining valuable skills that shape the future of our business and our industry. As we continue our commitment to nurturing talent and fostering growth, we remain grateful for the support and encouragement of individuals like Minister Halfon who champion the cause of apprenticeships and skills development.

For more information about our visit Devon Live’s Article here.

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