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The TCF 2.2 deadline is approaching. Are you compliant?

Date Published:29 September 2023

Companies wishing to adhere to the requirements of the Transparency and Consent Framework (TCF) 2.2 have until 20 November 2023 to update their frameworks. The onus is on publishers and website owners to check that their consent management platforms have been updated before this date.

First things first: what is the TCF and what’s new about 2.2?

The TCF is a voluntary standard that enables publishers and technology partners to support ethical advertising and marketing by making it simple for end users to input their privacy preferences. It aims to create a standard experience across all websites, allowing end users to navigate freely and confidently.

The most significant change implemented by TCF 2.2 is that people are now required to opt in for communications — and advertisers and platforms can’t automatically take their data for the purpose of creating profiles to show them personalised content and adverts.

Other changes brought about by TCF 2.2

  • The information provided to end users has been updated and simplified. The previous legalese has been replaced with user-friendly descriptions and illustrations.

  • Vendors are now required to provide additional information to end users about how their data will be used and where to find their privacy policy.

  • Consent management platforms (CMPs) are now required to show end users how many vendors are requesting access to their data.

  • If there is an “accept all” option, end users will now be able to recall the popup user interface at any time and choose a “reject all” option.

The advantages of reducing the number of vendors you allow

The International Advertising Board (IAB) is strongly encouraging publishers to reduce the number of vendors that they allow. Since the onus is on you, as a publisher, to ensure that your vendors and CMPs are compliant with TCF 2.2, reducing the number of vendors allowed lessens your workload.

If you need help with getting your website or app TCF 2.2 compliant, Adopstar is here to help. Our team has decades of experience in ensuring that various platforms offer the best possible experience. Get in touch today.

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