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Protecting Your Social Media Accounts: Adopstar’s Tips and Tricks Against Hackers

Date Published:30 October 2023

It’s that time of year when scammers are targeting your inboxes. Phishing and hacking techniques are becoming more and more sophisticated, which is why it is important for businesses to make account security their number one priority. As a business, clicking or responding to the wrong link could result in your social media accounts being hacked, putting your brand at risk.

At Adopstar, we have been noticing a rising trend in scam messages on our own and other clients' Meta Business accounts. Luckily, as professionals, we know how to spot fake messages and we think it is important that you do too.

Our Step-By-Step Guide For When You Receive a Message From a Hacker

  1. Investigate any messages claiming to be from Meta/Business Suite - Meta will NOT contact you about your account or security through Facebook and Instagram Messenger.
  2. Remember that legitimate Meta communications come via email or notifications.
  3. Be cautious of messages that differ from these channels.
  4. Watch out for spelling errors in messages - spelling mistakes are a red flag for potential hackers.
  5. Be wary of messages asking you to click on a link or visit an unofficial Meta page.
  6. Always verify the authenticity of messages before clicking on any links.

Legitimate Email Addresses for Meta

Have you seen messages claiming your page or ad account is in breach? Always double-check the sender's email address. If it's NOT from one of the following official Meta addresses, it is NOT legitimate:

How to Protect Your Accounts From Hackers

  1. Set up Two-Factor Authentication for all levels of access to your business page.
  2. Have more than one admin on your page - they will be your emergency entry point back to your account if the hacker locks you out.
  3. Use third-party authenticator apps - Google Authenticator is an app that will generate a 30 second passcode needed to log into the account.

Stay vigilant and never click on suspicious links. Save and share this blog with others to fight the on-going battle against hackers. Adopstar can help, please contact us on 01392 911240 or email [email protected] should you need assistance.

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