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Bespoke vs Off The Shelf CMSs: Why Opting for Bespoke Websites Takes the Crown

The battle between bespoke websites and off-the-shelf content management systems (CMS) is still raging on. But is it really a battle worth having? While most off-the-shelf platforms advertise a ‘user-friendly’ CMS (like WordPress, Wix and GoDaddy) with an abundance of themes and plugins, bespoke websites hold their ground as the best of the best when it comes to uniqueness and customisable functionality. In other words, off-the-shelf CMS websites are someone else’s vision but a bespoke built website is YOURS. We have come up with 8 reasons why bespoke websites, especially those crafted by Adopstar, triumph over off-the-shelf CMS platforms:

  • Security - Off-the-shelf CMSs require constant maintenance and updates to keep away any security threats, whereas bespoke websites are more secure.
  • Automation and Integration - Bespoke offers significant advantages in transferring data and payments, empowering websites to streamline processes, reduce manual effort and seamlessly communicate with external systems.
  • Performance - Bespoke websites use techniques like ‘lazy loading’, which ensures faster load times and optimised user experience. This is done by prioritising visible content loading, where images are loaded as they come into view on the users screen, unlike CMS platforms. These bespoke methods allow for seamless navigation between pages, faster loading speeds and an optimised user experience.
  • Functionality - Remove the need to hunt for plugins that don't perfectly fit with your needs! A bespoke website is accurately tailored to your requirements.
  • Search Engine Friendly - Bespoke websites are frequently developed with a focus on search engine optimisation. Their customised structure, fast loading speeds and design allows for a better user experience, providing them with a competitive edge over off-the-shelf CMSs.
  • Scalability and Growth - As your business evolves, so should your website. Bespoke websites offer the flexibility to be able to make any necessary changes easily.
  • Support and Maintenance - Unlike off-the-shelf CMS templates that could lack complete support, bespoke websites from us come with dedicated assistance. Any bugs or issues that may arise can be swiftly dealt with by the original developer.
  • Uniqueness and Branding - While CMS platforms offer numerous templates, bespoke websites guarantee unparalleled originality. Adopstar crafts websites that are uniquely designed, ensuring your business stands out among the digital crowd.

In the world of website development, the battle lines between bespoke websites and off-the-shelf CMSs have been clearly drawn. While we recognise that CMS platforms remain a popular choice for their accessibility, the incomparable advantages of bespoke websites will truly elevate your online presence to new heights. Check out our website portfolio here.

For businesses seeking a unique, scalable, and high-performance website, or to just understand a little more about what we do and why we are so passionate about bespoke websites, then please contact [email protected] today.

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